To promotes holistic mental health in the community, improves the quality of life of individuals, prevents mental disorders, and secure effective therapy for the mentally, and behaviorally ill people in accordance with the societies values, religion and culture.


  • To Promote high-quality psychiatric care for the mentally and behaviorally ill people and their families.
  • To advance psycho-education and scientific researches.
  • To represent Psychiatry Specialty, develop it, and meet the needs of its professionals.

Membership Categories

Active Membership

To become an active member one should be:

  1. A holder of postgraduate certificate officially qualifying him/her for becoming a consultant psychiatrist in Saudi Arabia.
  2. A Saudi national or resident in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Paying the full annual membership fee.
  4. Approved by the Executive Committee.

Affiliate Member

To become an affiliate member one should be either a:

    • postgraduate trainee in psychiatry, or
    • general practitioner with special interest in psychiatry
    • qualified psychiatrist not resident in Saudi Arabia, or
    • professional from an allied medical or mental health discipline, or
    • person of special interest in and contribution to a mental health discipline.
  1. Approved by the Executive Committee.
  2. Pays a reduced fee of 50% of the annual subscription of full members.
  3. Participates in activities without voting rights.

Honorary Membership

  1. The honorary membership can be granted by the General Assembly of the Association to a person who has actively contributed to the field of mental health and/or provided substantial material or moral support to the Association.
  2. Honorary members pay no subscription fees.
  3. Participates in activities without voting.

The Objectives of the Association shall be:

  1. To develop and promote scientific knowledge in the field of psychiatry, in particular, and mental health, in general.
  2. To maintain scientific cooperation among society members, and offer an opportunity for those working in fields relevant to its purposes to contribute to scientific progress.
  3. To Offer scientific advice in the field of psychiatry, in particular, and mental health, in general, and conduct the necessary studies to promote an optimal level of performance in the association’s areas of interests in various institutions.
  4. To develop the scientific and professional performance of its members.
  5. To facilitate exchange of research outcomes and scientific knowledge with concerned institutions and organizations inside and outside the kingdom.
  6. To contribute to the development of the standards of professional practice in its field of specialty.
  7. To promote health awareness in the community.

SPA Executive Board for the coming Two Years:

Dr: Mahdi Saeed Abu Madini – President
Dr: Abdullah Mohammad Alsharqi- V. President
Dr: Osama A. Alibrahim -G, Secretary
Dr: Nuha Salem AlShammari – Treasurer


Dr:Abdullah Ahmad Almulhim
Dr: Abdullah Ahmed Alshenguity
Dr: Mona Hamzah O. Al-Sawwaf
Dr: Mohamed Khaled Abdulhamid
Dr : Suhail Abdalhameed Khan

Regional Committees:

1- Eastern Province

  • Chairman ; Dr. Nada Al Zaidi
  • Members

2- Central Province

  • Chairman ; Dr. Fahd Al Yahia
  • Members

3- Western Province

  • Chairman ; Dr. Sayed Abdel Qader
  • Members

4- Southern Province

  • Chairman ; Dr. Mousa Zalah
  • Members

Sections of SPA :

1- SPA-Child and Adolescent psychiatry Section

  • Chairman ; Dr. Samera Al Ghamdi
  • Members

2- SPA-Psychotherapy Section

  • Chairman ; Dr. Ahmed Alhadi
  • Members

3- SPA-Substance abuse disorder

  • Pending Approval

4- SPA-Clinical Psychologist Club

  • Pending Approval