Membership Categories

There are THREE Membership Categories in Saudi Psychiatric Association (SPA):

(1) Active Membership:
To become an active member one should be:
(a) A holder of postgraduate certificate officially qualifying him/her for becoming a consultant psychiatrist in Saudi Arabia.
(b) A Saudi national or resident in Saudi Arabia.
(c) Paying the full annual membership fee.
(d) Approved by the Executive Committee.

(2) Affiliate Member:
To become an affiliate member one should be either a:
(a) i- postgraduate trainee in psychiatry, or
ii- general practitioner with special interest in psychiatry
iii- qualified psychiatrist not resident in Saudi Arabia, or
iv- professional from an allied medical or mental health discipline, or
v- person of special interest in and contribution to a mental health discipline.

(b) Approved by the Executive Committee.
(c) Pays a reduced fee of 50% of the annual subscription of full members.
(d) Participates in activities without voting rights.

(3) Honorary Membership:
(a) The honorary membership can be granted by the General Assembly of the Association to a person who has actively contributed to the field of mental health and/or provided substantial material or moral support to the Association.
(b) Honorary members pay no subscription fees.
(c) Participates in activities without voting.