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Rates of Suicidal Ideation Among US Surgeons ‘Very Concerning’

An anonymous survey of US surgeons finds that about 1 in 16 had suicidal thoughts in the past year, yet…

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Bright Light Treatment May Improve Nonseasonal Depressive Symptoms

January 21, 2011 – Bright light treatment (BLT) improves mood and sleep efficiency in elderly patients with nonseasonal major depressive disorder…

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Depression Not an , Invariable Complication , of Cancer

January 21, 2011 – Depression – the most extensively studied mood complication associated with cancer – is “less common in patients with cancer…

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Research Projects

The Year in Psychosis and Bipolar Disorder: More Bipolar Treatment Options

Vieta and Colleagues: Treatment Options for Bipolar Depression: A Systematic Review of Randomized, Controlled Trials[6] This systematic review and meta-analysis…

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The Year in Psychosis and Bipolar Disorder: Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

Treatment options for the acute treatment of bipolar mania have been established and reviewed. However, efficacy of combination treatments for…

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Association of Diet With Depression and Anxiety

Jacka and Colleagues: Association of Western and Traditional Diets With Depression and Anxiety in Women[3] This study cross-sectionally assessed the…

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Bipolar disorder :an international journal of psychiatry and neurosciences,November 2010 Volume 12, Issue 7

The main Features in this Issue are: -Lithium: the long road -Mood swing and mood stabilizer: how specific are these…

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Depression and Anxiety Journal,November 2010 Volume 27, Issue 11

The main Features in this Issue are: -Potential use of Internet-based screening for anxiety disorders: a pilot study -Relationship between…

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Depression and Anxiety Journal,October 2010 Volume 27, Issue 10

The main Features in this Issue are: – Conceptual background, development, and preliminary data from the unified protocol for transdiagnostic…

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Cochrane review

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for adults with HIV – (02/03/2010 )

HIVIt is estimated that there are 38.6 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. The disease accounted for 2.8 million deaths…

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Psychological and pharmacological interventions for depression in patients with diabetes mellitus – (03/03/2010 )

Diabetes mellitus is a common and growing health problem. The prevalence of diabetes worldwide is projected to rise from 2.8%…

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Psychological therapies versus antidepressant medication, alone and in combination for depression in children and adolescents – (02/17/2010 )

As recently as the 1970s, it was widely believed that depression in young people was very rare (Baker 2006). However,…

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Major Depression: Recognition and Assessment in Primary Care

Managing major depression in primary care can improve depression outcomes and may reduce the development, morbidity, and mortality of comorbid…

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Bipolar Disorder Linked to Greater Suicide Risk vs Other Mental Disorders

November 11, 2010 – Veterans with bipolar disorder (BD) are at a significantly increased risk for suicide compared with their counterparts…

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The Biology of Depression: Guiding Treatment Selection

Historically, various observations of persons with mood disturbances suggested the involvement of abnormal biologic processes. The cyclical episodes of depression,…

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